We are located within the easiest access
from Akihabara station in Kanda in which the traditional Edo culture remains.
You can enjoy fresh fish throughout all four seasons purchased at Tsukiji market every morning.
The sushi is made without cutting corners and carefully prepared.
We can also prepare a private dining room (tables and chairs) for foreign guests.

We go daily to “Tsukiji market”, the biggest market in Japan which originated
in the Edo period of Japanese history, in order to allow guests to enjoy more delicious sushi.

We, the sushi chefs of Kintaro, learn many things
from this market which has continuously supported Japanese food culture.

We have learned to identify the sensitive differences among the various kinds of fish,
new cooking methods and, of course, the quality assessment of fish.

We communicate what we have learned by going to Tsukiji everyday
via the taste experience of our guests, not through words.

Our goal is to create a sushi restaurant which not only keeps tradition
but also provides young guests with an enjoyable dining experience.


- VIP course for foreign guests Lunch and Dinner *Reservation is required

You can enjoy Sushi made with Japanese special and seasonal ingredients.
The most delicious items for the season and the day are served
with the most beautiful variety of sushi.

30,000 yen per guest with at least 4 guests and at most 8 guests

* Alcohol is never sold to underage guests at our restaurant.
The courses for banquets and client hospitability can be prepared.
Please come to Kintaro for your precious moments and events.
We will provide you with our personal touch.

TEL: +81-3-3251-7912

Access & Information

Kanda Kintaro Sushi
Kanda Sudacho 2-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-3251-7912

Please call us in Japanese on the phone for the reservation.
When you can’t communicate in Japanese, please use a concierge service and so on at hotels.

5 minute walk from Kanda station (JR/ Ginza-line of Tokyo Metro)
5 minute walk from Akihabara station (JR)
Near Suda-cho crossover
Credit card payment is available (JCB and AMEX)

About Kintaro Sushi
Please invite those precious people in your life to enjoy the taste of seasonal fish here with us.
Kintaro can prepare a private dining room which can be used for client hospitability and banquets.
This room is equipped with tables and chairs for foreign guests to feel at ease
and be able to experience Japanese culture.

We are conveniently located within walking distance of Akihabara and Kanda.